Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Know the Facts:

* Jesus Shines Network was started by single men Shankar.J (by Grace of God) before 2 years (exactly on 30.12.2008) to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people all over the world.
* I registered a domain name called before 1 year (exactly on 13. Nov. 2009) with Times Internet Ltd and paying for the domain name every year. Web hosting and web page designing are done by myself with the help of social networks for the last 2 years. Some times the domain name works and some times it is not working. but you can view the web page by entering the below web address directly or
*The videos that are appearing in the sermon, testimony, worship and gospel channels are not uploaded by me. Many believers from various parts of the world are uploading those videos whom i don't have any communication. I just used to search and add those videos in My favourites page of you tube. If you find any of your videos uploaded with out your permission. You can call me or email me to remove that video from JESUS SHINES NETWORK. Mobile no.: +91 9884677764.Email:
* I don't have a computer or any internet related tools in my own. All the web pages designing work and other works are done only by paying in browsing centres for the last 2 years. God gave me the technical knowledge to design the websites. I praise Jesus for his abundant grace. So far the donations got for this ministry is ZERO. (Rs 0.00)
* I bless every one who have prayed and helped for the ministry wholeheartedly. GOD BLESS YOU
*If anyone request to you make donation or help for Jesus Shines Network. Please report to me through email or mobile no. I have the only account in Indian Bank which is listed in the main page with DONATE link.

Founder and Administrator,