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Know the Facts: Important FAQ about Jesus Shines Network

Why Jesus Shines Network is started? 
Jesus Shines Network is started to share the Gospel (Love & Grace of God towards man) of Jesus Christ to people all over the world using the free resources available in internet. 

When Jesus Shines Network was started and who is working for Jesus Shines Network?
 Jesus Shines Network was started on December 2008. You can view the first website created using a socail network. Website: Now its available through or 

 Jesus Shines Network is started by a single men (Shankar.J) named himself as Servant of Jesus Christ. Jesus knows him, he knows Jesus and his word in Bible. The network is run by pure grace of Lord and not by money or any other fund collecting organisation. 

 Where you are working from? 
I was born and brought up in Thanjavur, TamilNadu, India. Now, Iam in Chennai as iam working for a company in chennai, TamilNadu, India. 

 Whether Jesus Shines Network is an company or Consultancy or Registered Organisation? Jesus Shines Network is a social network having around thousands of Friends and Members through social networks all over the world. 

 How much Funds or Donations collected for Jesus Shines Network's website Ministry?
 As already informed I (Shankar.J) have not appointed any person or agents to collect funds or donations for this Ministry.all the website works were done by paying in the internet browsing centers as I don't own a desktop or laptop computer in my own. Whatever salary I earned from working in Private companies - that was used for developing the website ministry. when I posted my Ministry requirement two times in the Facebook and other social networks I got 0% response from believers. (Many people Thanked God for his amazing grace but nobody gave a single penny for this Ministry) 
 As already informed, I started this ministry to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not to collect money or material from people. So, Iam not worried about poor response from believers. After reading this if you want to make a donation you can Go backto the Main page of website and click the donation link.(Indian Bank account No. in my name is provided) 

Had anything affected you personally during this ministry? 
Whoever follow Jesus Christ will not receive blessing all the times but countless hurts would be received. surprisingly It hurts when a Believer or Preacher or Worship Leaders say something harsh. (e.g) A famous (Praise & worship) singer who always condems money collection in the name of Jesus Christ, who used to go foreign countries and conduct praise & worship meetings there. After worship I saw a small bag going rounds among the believers for collecting money and finally the money collected was presented to singer. This singer writes Kuppan and Suppan (people from lower levels) are started doing ministry of Lord. I just wanted to say him " God calls and uses only people from lower levels in terms of knowledge, financial status... and raises them to show his Glory. 
What about the services provided by Jesus Shines Network? 
I used to provide useful free information about Job vacancies in companies whenever I come to know about the vacancies in companies. If you have any information about vacancies in companies you can call and inform me or send email about requirements. 
Mobile No: +91 9884677764 , 8939711558
Job Information Email Id:

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Human Rights Video: Universal Rights

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Sleeping Humanity

Warning: This Video Content has disturbing and distressing descriptions and film of executions, atrocities and the shelling of civilians the programme features devastating Complete video evidence of war crimes - some of the most horrific footage Channel 4 has ever broadcast and will not be appropriate for People of all age Groups.

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Quit Smoking

Still You want to Smoke in (Public) See the Below Warning:

AD By Aaj Tak - News Channel

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Stop Slavery

Stop Slavery:

Slavery is not only in Northern India, It is found in all parts of the world, We request all Humans to pray and raise voice against slavery.

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True Love Story Thanks - CNN IBN

All Human are requested to pray for the miracle cure of the girl seen in the above video.

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